7 Steps to a Direct Sales Consultant Planner That Works

Effective time management is essential to be a successful direct sales consultant, and a direct sales planner is tailored to the party plan lifestyle. Save yourself time and headache by keeping all your important info in one place.

You can purchase a pre-made direct sales planner if you want all the guesswork taken out for you; however, I have yet to find one that has all the pages I need right out of the box. If your creative side is showing, you can create your own planner pages and print them as needed. Or, you can download pre-made planner pages, print what you need, and keep them in a 1-inch binder.

Whichever path you choose, these are the pages I believe every party plan representative should have in their direct sales binder. (And scroll down for some special gifts just for my followers!)

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7 Steps to Set Up Your Monthly Calendar as a Direct Sales Rep

Organization is key to any home based business, and it’s no different for a direct sales consultant. Successful direct sellers keep a direct sales planner along with several other calendars and organizational tools. The first step to organization is taking control of your month!

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