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I have worked for many different direct sales companies over the past few years, and the one I have found continued success with is Jewelry in Candles. JIC gives their reps the perfect balance of tools and freedom to run our business our way.

If you’re the type of person that likes to control all aspects of her business without a lot of rules and regulations governing how you do things, then Jewelry in Candles is looking for you! There are no monthly quotas or website fees. You can run your home and online parties in whatever way works best for you. You can create your own graphics, banners and ads, or you can collaborate with other reps and use pre-made designs. Best of all, you’ll get all my knowledge, experience and help first hand! When you sign up using my link, you’ll be on my team and get access to me 24/7.

Jewelry in Candles is one of the top 10 in a six-month trend

Jewelry in Candles has remained one of the top ten direct sales companies on the six-month trend list at Home Party Rankings, and our company only continues to grow! Reps earn 30% commission (and personal discount!) and get to choose how they run their business, from hostess credits to team building.

Click here to join my Jewelry in Candles team – I’ll be your upline, add you to groups, help you through any troubles, and get you started on the right foot

Click here to join Jewelry in Candles under the corporate account (you’ll have no upline to support you along the way)


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