My name is Amy, I’m a mother of three, wife, tattoo lover, writer, crafter, and direct sales consultant & coach.


I have worked for several direct sales companies over the past 10 years, followed all the training, and was unsuccessful for a long time. I mean, unsuccessful! I can’t even tell you how many days I watched out the window in fear of the gas or electric company coming to shut us off. Any unnecessary expenses were put on the back burner – forget about vacations, movies or extracurricular activities for the kids.

I currently sell for Jewelry in Candles, with a kick-ass team of girls under my wing. I no longer worry about bills, and we vacation at least twice a year. We were even able to get my husband a motorcycle this year!

After reading lots of books and working with a few other direct sales coaches, I have found what actually works for me – and I don’t think other direct sales reps should have to shell out as much moolah as I did to find it! I want to teach other direct sellers how to keep their calendars booked full of parties, build their own ahhhmazing team, and start living the life they deserve!

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