7 Steps to Set Up Your Monthly Calendar as a Direct Sales Rep

Organization is key to any home based business, and it’s no different for a direct sales consultant. Successful direct sellers keep a direct sales planner along with several other calendars and organizational tools. The first step to organization is taking control of your month!

You will need 4 different colored highlighters to plan your monthly direct sales calendar.

1. Create your own calendars or visit Calendar Labs and print a calendar for the current month and upcoming month. On top of each month, create a legend specifying each color: personal, family, work, and parties.

2. Start by highlighting any days you don’t want to work with your “personal” color highlighter. This could be days you know you already have plans (in this case, write in the appointment and highlight it), days you know you are normally busy, or days when you know you won’t want to perform for guests. You can either highlight the entire day, or just highlight your plans with your “personal” color.

3. Now, still using your personal highlighter, schedule in at least 2 dates a month with your significant other (or girl’s nights if you are single). Do not move forward until you have planned at least 2 date nights! Understand that you and your happiness need to come first in your life, and this is a big part of being happy. You need to socialize and feel love, so schedule it in before you “forget”!

4. Next, get your “family” color and highlight any days when your family needs your attention. Appointments, classes, parties, school events – pencil them in and highlight with your “family” color.

5. Keep that “family” highlighter out and plan at least 2 family outings. It doesn’t have to be vacations to Disneyland or trips to Chuck E. Cheese (although those are great ideas once in awhile!) – picnics at the park, fishing, visiting cousins or grandparents, or even watching a movie at home are all inexpensive, easy family activities, and most don’t even have to be planned in advance. Just make sure you schedule some family time!

6. With your “work” highlighter, schedule any work-related activities. Work hours, events, holiday parties, and meetings should all be noted with your “work color.”

7. Now you can see what days you have left for parties! Pick 2 or 3 days that are most convenient for you to have a party and mark those as VIP Dates – the first person to book a qualifying party (10 person minimum) gets an additional $25 in freebies (or whatever promotion you want, I find free stuff works best). Highlight all available party dates with your “party” highlighter.

Now whenever you do a party or event, you can take your calendars with you and be able to quickly point out available party dates! Remember to offer potential hostesses two open dates for their party and let them choose one and never book past the upcoming month.

How do you set up your monthly calendar? Shout it out in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “7 Steps to Set Up Your Monthly Calendar as a Direct Sales Rep

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