How To Create The Perfect Hostess Packet

Eliminate the Heavy Hostess Packet

If you send or hand your potential hostess an encyclopedia-size packet, you are going to terrify her! Keep the hostess packet to a bare minimum. Skip the fliers and extra catalogs.

Your packet should include:
30-35 invitations
1 catalog
5-10 order forms
RSVP list & Wish list (optional)
Small gift – personalized pen, keychain, magnet, candy bar

That’s it. Monthly specials, business info, extra catalogs – not necessary for hostess coaching, and way too much for her to take in. There’s no way she’s going to memorize all that info, and you’re just going to go over it with the guests at the party anyway! There’s also a good chance she’s heard and seen most of it before at the home party she booked from. She doesn’t care about the breakdown of hostess credit – she just wants to know how much she needs to sell at her home party to reach her goals.

Remember, your hostesses are your best potential recruits! Don’t overwhelm them before you even get a chance to show them what your home party business all about. You want to make your job look easy – it will never look easy if she has to spend an hour going over things just to have a party!

(By the way, she will not spend an hour looking at your stuff. She will get about 3 papers in before she gets distracted and never looks at it again. And what do you think happens to your booked party if she can’t even make it through the hostess packet?)

I’ve done the work and created the perfect hostess packet kit for you!

The perfect hostess packet!

This kit includes:

* Girls Night In Invitations x250 – use 25 per hostess packet
* Girls Night In Dates to Remember Postcard x50 – make sure your hostess remembers important milestones before her party
* Girls Night In Thank You Postcard x50 – 2-3 days after closing, thank your hostess for throwing a great direct sales home party with a customized thank you
* Wish List x100 – include one in the hostess packet to be returned before the party, and distribute to the guests during the home party
* Guest List x25 – include one in the hostess packet to be returned before the party

You’ll also get a discount off your next order of invitations!

Think about how much time you have to go through huge amounts of information. Usually not much, right? Most people are short on time and have even shorter attention spans. Keeping your hostess packet simple shows your hostess how easy it is to make money with your direct sales company!


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